Why buy your family cow from Crowfoot Farm?

A dairy cow is both a big commitment and a valuable investment in your family farm or homestead.  Choosing the right cow is crucial to ensure a positive experience for years to come.

Don’t buy a cull cow.  When you buy your family cow from Crowfoot Farm, you have the assurance of knowing your cow comes from a tested TB, Brucellosis, Johnes, and BLV-free herd with hardy, grazing genetics, A2/A2 beta casein, and complete pedigree information.  We have both pure registered Brown Swiss and pedigreed Brown Swiss-Jersey cross cows.  Calves are raised on plenty of real milk, grass, hay and alfalfa to set them up for a long and productive life.  Each and every heifer calf is handled daily from birth, halter trained and raised to be a gentle, easy-going milk cow.

When first starting out, the wisest investment you can make is in a proven cow, already in milk.  Each step in the life cycle and production has its own learning curve.  Learn milking and cow care with a well-started and experienced animal.  Then you can learn birthing, breeding, raising babies and training heifers.  Buying a young animal to raise yourself can seem less expensive, but there are significant risks when purchasing unproven, untrained animals.  You will never regret investing in a high quality, proven cow.

We offer cows currently in milk, fully-trained for hand and machine milking, and bred for their next calf.  Calves, yearlings, and bred heifers may be occasionally be available.  Contact us for availability, or to be placed on our waiting list for the next available cow/s.

Brown Swiss Cattle

Brown Swiss cattle are the oldest of all dairy breeds. The beautiful brown cows were developed in the northeastern part of Switzerland as a dual-purpose dairy and beef breed. They adapt well to both hot and cold climates and are exceptionally hardy. Brown Swiss cattle are notable for their dairy strength, well-attached udders, correct feet and legs, and their longevity. They produce large volumes of rich milk with an ideal fat-to-protein ratio for cheese making. Brown Swiss are also very good-natured and have been called the most docile of all dairy breeds. They make excellent, low-maintenance family cows.

Our dairy herd is comprised of very nice registered Brown Swiss and Brown Swiss-Jersey cross cows. Our foundation stock came from Old Mill Farm in 2012. We are very pleased with how our cows perform in our pasture-based management system.