Cotton Patch Geese

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It was through the efforts of Dr. Tom Walker, Dr. D. Phillip Sponenberg, Mark See and the Livestock Conservancy that this breed was saved from the brink of extinction, and they are still listed as critically endangered by the Livestock Conservancy. Believed to be descended from stock brought to America from England in the seventeenth-century, these geese were used for meat, eggs, grease and weeding cotton and cornfields on farms throughout the southeast until about the 1950s. Their numbers began to decline as farms became more mechanized, and by the 1980s only a few isolated populations could be found. One of the few auto-sexing breeds of geese (males and females can be identified by color, even at hatch), Cotton Patch geese are docile and retain the ability to fly. We use our geese as weeders in the garden and are actively engaged in the preservation of the breed through our breeding program.    Read more…