We are now sold out of turkeys for 2017.  Thank you!


What’s special about our turkeys?

Our turkeys are heritage. We breed, hatch and raise only American Standard Bronze turkeys, a type of domesticated turkey that has been around since the colonial era. They take twice as long as commercial type turkeys to reach butcher size, do not grow as large, they fly, breed naturally, and live their lives outdoors. American Bronze turkeys are recognized for their superb flavor by the Ark of Taste.

Our turkeys free-range. All of our turkeys are hatched and raised entirely on our farm. They spend their first eight weeks of life in the cozy protection of a brooder shed, and then they live outdoors full-time, roosting in trees at night as is their preference. They are given time each day to roam the entire farm, grazing and foraging. Dogwood berries, acorns and kale are among their favorite foods.

Our turkeys are Certified-Organic, non-gmo, & soy-free fed. Each day our turkeys are given a ration of feed that is 100% Certified-Organic, non-gmo and soy-free. Often we soak their organic grains in buttermilk from our own raw milk dairy. Raw dairy is an excellent supplemental feed that has been used to raise healthy turkeys for hundreds of years.

Our turkeys were featured on Voice of America.  You can read the article and watch the video by clicking here.

How to Order:

Please carefully read the ordering information below and then contact us on or after November 1 to reserve your turkey.

  • Our Thanksgiving turkeys are $11.00/lb + tax. Hens average 8-12 lbs, and toms average 12-18 lbs. Reservations are $50 and will be applied to the final price of your turkey.  Note: We expect more of our turkeys to be on the smaller side this year.
  • Our turkeys will be processed fresh for Thanksgiving and must be picked up at the farm on Saturday, November 18 between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m.  Please only reserve a turkey if you will be able to pick up during this time frame.
  • Because we raise only a small number of turkeys, we cannot guarantee the size of your turkey, but you may choose your turkey when you come to pick up on November 18. Come early for best selection of sizes.
  • Turkeys will be sold by paid reservation only. Call or send us an email to be placed on the list and indicate if you will pay your $50 deposit by cash, check or credit card.  Your reservation is complete once we receive your $50 deposit.  Turkey deposits are non-refundable except in the unlikely event that we cannot supply a turkey for you.