Rare heritage breeds of livestock embody valuable genetic resources that can only be preserved through the continued stewardship of their kinds. We have a passion for preserving these living pieces of history.

In an era when it has become common practice for farms to rely completely on industrialized systems to supply livestock, we are striving to maintain small healthy breeding populations of a few rare breeds to keep them available as a resource for farmers and homesteaders.  Breeding on the farm presents its own set of challenges that contribute to our production costs.  However, we feel the effort is worthwhile so that these breeds can continue to exist and so that our animals can meet the highest level of quality.

Animals from our farm can be seen at living history museums including the Claude Moore Colonial Farm at Turkey Run, the Frontier Culture Museum and the Yorktown Victory Center.

Our farm is home
to the following rare breeds:

Standard Bronze Turkeys

Turkeys for Sale: (For information about purchasing Thanksgiving turkeys, please see our Farm Store page.)  If you are interested in purchasing live turkeys for breeding stock or pets, we usually have some available in the Fall.  Mature turkeys are $100 each for toms and hens.  Poults are occasionally available in limited quantity in the Spring for $12 each, straight run.  Started poults are priced according to age.  All birds must be picked up on the farm.  We do not ship birds.  Contact us for availability.


The classic American Thanksgiving turkey, this breed dates to the colonial period and was the pre-curser to the commercialized Broad-breasted Bronze turkey. Unlike the Broad-breasted variety, the Standard Bronze is long-lived, hardy and can reproduce naturally. They are voracious foragers and will keep a field mowed and de-bugged. Because they grow at a natural rate, taking at least six to eight months to reach butcher weight, these turkeys are the best you will ever taste. It closely resembles its ancestor, the Eastern Wild turkey, in conformation, but has a more domesticated personality. Standard Bronze turkeys also make great pets that will live for many years. We are actively engaged in the preservation of this breed through our breeding program. Read more…

Cotton Patch Geese

Geese for Sale:  Goslings are available each Spring.  They are $50 each and sold in pairs or trios.  We match unrelated pairs that can be raised for breeding.  Mature breeding pairs are occasionally available and are $250 each.  Sorry, we do not ship geese, they must be picked up on the farm.  Due to the high demand for goslings, they are sold by paid reservation only.  Contact us to reserve goslings for spring 2017.


It was through the efforts of Dr. Tom Walker, Dr. D. Phillip Sponenberg, Mark See and the Livestock Conservancy that this breed was saved from the brink of extinction, and they are still listed as critically endangered by the Livestock Conservancy. Believed to be descended from stock brought to America from England in the seventeenth-century, these geese were used for meat, eggs, grease and weeding cotton and cornfields on farms throughout the southeast until about the 1950s. Their numbers began to decline as farms became more mechanized, and by the 1980s only a few isolated populations could be found. One of the few auto-sexing breeds of geese (males and females can be identified by color, even at hatch), Cotton Patch geese are docile and retain the ability to fly. We use our geese as weeders in the garden and are actively engaged in the preservation of the breed through our breeding program.    Read more…

Red Dorking Chickens

Chickens For Sale:  Red Dorking chicks are available each spring.  Day old chicks are $8 each and are sold straight run.  Started birds are priced according to their age.  All birds must be picked up on the farm.  We do not ship birds or hatching eggs.  Contact us for availability.

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Dorking chickens are an ancient breed originating from England. They were very common on early American farms, but have now become exceptionally rare. They are of a heavy build with short legs and have traditionally been esteemed as an exceptional table fowl. Dorkings are cold hardy, and retain natural mothering instincts. Exactly when Dorking chickens arrived in America is a bit of a mystery. We do know they were well distributed here before 1840, and were even shown at the first poultry show in America in 1849. By 1904 they were the most popular breed in their native England.  We are actively engaged in the preservation of this breed through our breeding program.   Read more…

Hog Island Sheep

Sheep for Sale: Weaned lambs are available each summer.  Contact us for availability


The only breed of sheep to originate from Virginia, and one of the few feral populations found in the world, these are descended from sheep brought to Hog Island during the colonial period. The population remained isolated for centuries and was shaped through natural selection rather than human intervention. They are considered a good representation of historic sheep of the colonial period. The breed is listed as critically endangered by the ALBC. We are actively engaged in the preservation of this breed through our breeding program.   Read more…

We are a member of The Livestock Conservancy, the pioneer, non-profit organization in the U.S. organization working to conserve historic breeds and genetic diversity in livestock.