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The Crowfoot Farm;


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All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

~John 1:3



All of our birds enjoy the best of care, fresh air, sunshine, green grass and feed of the highest quality crafted from local, naturally grown non-genetically modified (non-gmo) grains.  Our birds are fed non-gmo grains from day 1 to finish—we never use conventional feeds as a filler.  We butcher on our own farm to ensure the least amount of stress to our birds.  We never use medicated feeds, antibiotics, chemical dewormers or insecticidal dusts on our poultry.

Our pigs are raised on wooded pasture and are fed only non-gmo grains, milk from our home dairy, produce from our garden, and local apples and pumpkins.  We do not use antibiotics, hormones, chemical dewormers or anything else you would not want in your pork.

Although I know you know, these chickens are very good. People kept asking me for the recipe, the marinade, the sauce. And of course, I did nothing to them: just roasted them with a little lemon juice and a sprinkling of thyme. No butter, no oil, no nothing. As I told them: “first get a truly pastured chicken, then roast them with a little lemon juice. Enjoy.”

–Sylvie Rowand, Laughing Duck Gardens & Cookery

2014 Products:

We will continue to add new products throughout the year, so check back often!  Ask to be added to our email list if you’d like to receive occasional updates from us as fresh products become available.

Pastured Eggs

Pastured Chickens

Pastured Pork

Thanksgiving Turkeys

Handmade Soaps

Maple Syrup
Local Honey

How to Buy:

On the Farm:

Come on out to the farm and see where your food is grown!  Our Farm Store is open every Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.  Mondays – Saturdays just call ahead.  Please call 540-937-4490 for directions.

Poultry CSA:

Become a member of our farm and receive a year’s supply of pastured, gmo-free chicken. Click here for details.

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