Farm Store Hours:

2015 Seasonal Hours (April 18 through December 5):

  • Saturdays 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Monday-Friday, call ahead.
  • Closed Sundays

Winter Hours (mid-December through mid-April):

  • Mondays-Saturdays, by appointment (Note: very limited inventory).
  • Closed Sundays


2015 Products:

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Raw Milk Dairy Herd Shares

We offer ownership shares in our grass-fed and organically managed Brown Swiss dairy cow herd.  This is the only way raw milk may legally be obtained in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Share owners receive a percentage of the herd’s milk production each week, an average of 1 gallon per week per share.  One share in the herd costs $100 up front, and then owners pay a boarding fee of $40/month per share for the daily care, feeding and milking of the herd.  Owners must also make the commitment to pick up their milk weekly at the farm.  Our cows are tested A2/A2 milkers and TB, Brucellosis, Johnes and BLV free.  We also regularly test our milk for safety and quality.  Brown Swiss milk is very rich in butterfat and proteins and is prized by cheesemakers for its excellent yield and qualities.  Please call us for more information about our dairy herd share program.

Garden Seeds & Plants

We are pleased to offer a selection of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds in our Farm Store.  In the spring we also offer started herb and vegetable plants for your garden.

Fresh Garden Produce

Visit the Farm Store on Saturdays this summer to see what’s fresh out of the garden. We use only organic growing methods for our vegetable crops.

Pastured, organic & soy-free Eggs

Available year round. $5/dozen.

Why is it so important to choose products from only organically fed animals?  Conventionally fed meats, eggs and dairy are some of the most pesticide-laden foods because toxic residues in their feed build up in animals’ bodies over time.  Our hens are supplemented with Certified Organic soy-free grain feed, and never receive antibiotics or chemical dewormers.  They free-range in open grass pastures and shady wooded areas.  In short, these are happy chickens.

Pastured, organic & soy-free Chickens

Our chickens are raised on organically maintained pastures, moved to fresh grass each day, and fed only Certified Organic soy-free grain feed in addition to the natural forage they consume on pasture. Our chickens are allowed to roam the pasture freely every day and are only confined in pens at night for their protection. Free roaming chickens consume more natural forage, grow slower and develop superb flavor over those that are confined to pens full time.

  • Whole Cornish roasting chickens, 3-5 lbs: $5.75/lb. (Available in the Farm Store May-December. Also available through CSA.)
  • Chicken cuts (price varies) are available in limited quantities at the Farm Store. Contact us to request specific cuts.
  • Heritage Dorking chickens, 2.5-4.5 lbs: $6.75/lb. (Available in summer and fall. These are bred, hatched and raised entirely on our farm. The Dorking won first place in a Livestock Conservancy blind taste test of several chicken breeds.)

“Although I know you know, these chickens are very good. People kept asking me for the recipe, the marinade, the sauce. And of course, I did nothing to them: just roasted them with a little lemon juice and a sprinkling of thyme. No butter, no oil, no nothing. As I told them: “first get a truly pastured chicken, then roast them with a little lemon juice. Enjoy.” –Sylvie Rowand, Laughing Duck Gardens & Cookery

Free-Range Guinea Fowl

Guinea Fowl are an excellent game bird with flavor reminiscent of heritage turkey. Our free-range guineas forage on organically maintained pastures and natural wooded areas, and are supplemented with Certified Organic soy-free grain feed.

Whole (oven-ready) Guinea Fowl, 2-4 lbs: $6.75/lb. (Available at the Farm Store in summer.)

Thanksgiving Turkeys

UPDATE: We will not be selling turkeys in 2015, however please check back for turkeys in 2016.  Thank you for your interest!

Our Thanksgiving turkeys are the finest money can buy. Our heritage Standard Bronze turkeys free-range in organically maintained pastures and natural wooded areas, and are supplemented with Certified Organic soy-free grain feed. Heritage turkeys are slower growing than commercial breeds, resulting in superb flavor and texture. Standard Bronze turkeys are recognized as part of the Slow Food USA Ark of Taste.

Our turkeys were featured on Voice of America.  You can read the article and watch the video by clicking here.

Pastured Rabbit

We raise a small number of rabbits on organic pellets and fresh grasses. Our rabbits are usually sold before we have a chance to announce their availability, so contact us if you are interested in purchasing rabbit for your table.  Rabbits are $8/lb and average 2-4 lbs each.

Pastured, organic & soy-free Pork

All of our 2015 hogs have already been reserved, however please contact us if you are interested in reserving a custom-raised whole or half hog for your freezer in 2016.  Our heritage breed hogs are raised on pasture and only Certified Organic soy-free feed.

Here’s what one customer said about our pork:

“I cooked up some of the pork tonight and I can’t believe how good it tastes! I think it is the first time ever I have eaten a dish where I thought my fresh garden produce detracted from the flavor. Is it because of the breed of pig as well as the better growing conditions? I really can’t get over how tasty it is!” -Sarah Vallieres, Owner, Flying Fish Restaurant

Maple Syrup

We offer pure maple syrup from New Hampshire, where Kevin’s family has been sugaring for generations. If you’re looking for authentic, old fashioned maple syrup, this is the real deal! Try it in your coffee or combine with our eggs for some delicious egg nog! 2015 Syrup is in stock now!  $20/quart.

Local Honey

We also offer raw, unprocessed honey in the Farm Store from our next-door neighbors at Silk Ear Farm. Our own honey bee colonies are just getting established. We love having these valuable pollinators in our gardens and orchard..

Handmade Soaps

Rachel makes old-fashioned soap in small batches from pure ingredients produced on our farm. If you find that commercial soaps leave your hands dry and chapped, these skin nourishing soaps are the perfect solution. Visit the Farm Store for a selection of hand cut soap bars, fancy soap balls and colorful wool-felted soaps. Our soaps contain no artificial chemical ingredients.

The Story of our Soaps…

Waste not, want not. Pure soap is made from a base of natural fats or oils be they from animals or plants. It was common place for our ancestors to make their own soaps from the extra fat of their livestock. Today, most “natural” soaps are made from a base of coconut and/or olive oils which must travel thousands of miles from other regions of the world. By making soap from the extra fat of our animals, we are reducing our carbon footprint by using a renewable resource literally from our own backyard, and honoring the lives of our animals by making use of every part, wasting nothing. We are able to provide for the soap needs of our household, and income from the sale of our extra soap is an important contribution to the permaculture system of our farmstead.

Thank you for buying local, sustainable, eco-friendly soaps and reducing your carbon footprint!

Heritage Wool & Handmade Gifts

Rachel hand spins and naturally dyes the wool from our rare heritage Hog Island and Cotswold sheep to make beautiful yarns for your knitting projects.

Visit the Farm Store for a unique selection of handmade gift items produced on our farm and by local artisans.