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Belgian d’Anver Bantam Chickens

Bantams are available now!

  • Adult hens and roosters: $20 each (limited availability)
  • Hatching Eggs: $10/dozen (available by reservation)
  • Day-old chicks, straight-run only: $8 each (available by reservation)

Our children raise these delightful little chickens for 4-H and they occasionally have chicks and adult birds available for sale.

Belgian d’Anvers are a true bantam breed, meaning no standard size version of the breed exists.  The breed was developed in Belgium in the 1600s.  They are both stunningly beautiful and friendly, making good pets or projects for children.  They come in a variety of colors.  At this time, we have Black Mottled Belgian d’Anvers.

Contact us for current availability.  All birds must be picked up on the farm.  We do not ship birds or hatching eggs.