Then & Now: The Care & Feeding of Turkeys

A friend recently gave me a facsimile copy of a fascinating little book that was published in London in 1780. It is The Farmer's Wife; or The Complete Country Housewife by Alex. Hogg. The book contains instructions for managing all types of poultry, hogs, and honey bees; as well as recipes for sausages, hogs-puddings, wines, "cyder," beer and [...]

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Tips for Successfully Breeding & Raising Cotton Patch Geese

Cotton Patch geese are excellent parents and have the capability to hatch and raise a brood of goslings, saving you the trouble of incubator hatching and artificial brooding. There are steps you can take to ensure a good crop of goslings each spring. First, either match breeding pairs of your choosing when the geese are [...]

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