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Preservation & Breeding for Excellence

Rare heritage breeds of livestock embody valuable genetic resources that can only be preserved through the continued stewardship of their kinds. We have a passion for preserving these living pieces of history.

In an era when it has become common practice for farms to rely completely on industrialized systems to supply livestock, we are striving to maintain small healthy breeding populations of a few rare breeds to keep them available as a resource for farmers and homesteaders. Breeding on the farm presents its own set of challenges that contribute to our production costs. However, we feel the effort is worthwhile so that these breeds can continue to exist and so that our animals can meet the highest level of quality. Every breed that we produce are used in production on our farm, and are not merely bred to produce animals for sale.

Animals from our farm can be seen at living history museums including the Claude Moore Colonial Farm at Turkey Run, the Frontier Culture Museum and the Yorktown Victory Center.

We are a member of The Livestock Conservancy, the pioneer, non-profit organization in the U.S. organization working to conserve historic breeds and genetic diversity in livestock.